unsecured cash credit contract

Unsecured Cash Loan Credit Contract

3.75%  /month

Min Interest

VND70 mil

Max. loan amount

6-36 months

Flexible loan period

vay tiêu dùng theo hợp đồng tín chấp


  • Checkorange Vietnamese, 18-65 years old
  • Checkorange Currently residing in a Province / City with MAFC Office
  • Checkorange Family book in any Province/City
  • Checkorange Currently have unsecured credit contract at a cosumer finance company rather than MAFC (according to regulations’ MAFC at particular time/period)
  • Checkorange Insurance fee 5.5% (if applicable)
  • Checkorange Other conditions, in accordance with Mirae Asset from time to time

Unsecured Cash Loan Credit Contract Documents

  • Checkorange ID card
  • Checkorange Family Book
  • Checkorange Legal proof of residency as required by Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam
  • Checkorange Current credit agreement / loan repayment schedule / Current invoice of the most recent month (period)

Cash loan benefits

Giải ngân nhanh chóng từ 3 ngày

Quick disbursement
within 2.5 days

Vay nhanh đến 100 triệu

Fast loan
up to VND 50 mil

Lãi suất cạnh tranh từ 1.5%/tháng

from 1.58%/month

Theo dõi khoản vay với ứng dụng MY FINANCE

Update application status with

Thủ tục đơn giản

3 Simple Steps

Thanh toán online dễ dàng

Online Repayment

Không thế chấp tài sản


Không thu phí xử lý hồ sơ

service fee

Cash loan process


Sign up for a loan on MY FINANCE application
or send messages on Facebook


Staff will contact


Apply for loan and sign contract

Loan Calculation


6 months

10,862,659 VND

The results of this calculation are for reference only and can be slightly misleading with actual calculation results at the introduction points of Mirae Asset.