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Customer's stories

"My husband and me have left Central Vietnam to work as a worker, let our kids for our parents. We have sent our saving to them monthly, however, it can only help to cover the living expense. Recently, our mother-house has been degraded a lot; my husband and me have tried to borrowed but it is not enough to cover; luckily we found Mirae Asset Finance and get the loan supports with rationale interest for worker, then we got enough money to upgrade our mother-house."

Ms. Hoa story
32 years old, worker

"I have worked as a security for 5 years already, been working as mason and changing to security when getting older. My youngest son has enrolled to University, hence, I have borrowed at Mirae Asset for buying for him a new motorbike to support for his study and part-time job, he really likes it. We have already taken care of tutition fee and living expense, not to mention to buy other things like computer; hence, it is challenging us in buying new motorbike for him."

Mr. Thanh sharing
52 years old, Security

"I have borrowed money for my daughter's wedding, my husband has passed away, there is only me to take care of our 2 kids. Now the oldest one is going to get married, there are lots of things to care of but her saving is not enough. Hence, I have borrowed VND40mil at Mirae Asset Finance to take care a part of that."

Ms. Nam story
46 years old, cleaner


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